Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Headlights On When Raining

This is quote of my friends story..
Many years ago, riding thru NW Alabama on Ala 155 one rainy afternoon, I had stopped at a stop sign, coming into Moulton, Al., when all of a sudden I heard a siren blaring behind me. I pulled up, nudging the tractor over so I could see behind me (we had just started getting 102" trailers & they were hard to see around). There was a Lawrence Co. Al. sheriff's deputy behind me, signalling me to pull over. I pulled thru the stop sign and pulled onto a pull-off on the side of the road and got out of the truck. I walked to the back of the truck where he met me and he proceeded to give me grief about speeding thru a construction zone just north of where we were (I was speeding) and not stopping 5 miles back, where he first started signalling me. I informed him that I never seen or heard him because it was raining (hard to see) and that the truck was loud inside and I had the windows rolled up (hard to hear). As he was brow beating me for speeding and not stopping on his command, I noticed that he did not have the headlights turned on, on his squad car.
I interrupted him as he was talking and said, "excuse me deputy, could it be possible that the reason that I didn't see you was because you didn't have your headlights on? Isn't there a law in Ala. that says "headlights on when raining"?"...
He quickly changed his direction and told me that he was in a hurry, didn't have time to write me a ticket and he was just going to give me a warning this time. He further told me that he was going to be watching out for me. I responded with, "you just keep those headlights on because I'm going to be looking for you, too"... He spun his tires as he was leaving...

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  1. Thanks for sharing your interesting experience. Last weekend, I was traveling at night time. And on the road I saw a funny traffic sign regarding that there is U turn ahead. It was really funny but I think that funny traffic signs attracts the drivers towards safety zone also. I follow all the traffic rules and regulations properly.